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Posted 1/19/16 , edited 1/20/16
I've noticed this issue several times over the last couple of days while watching videos. It happens at least once every other video, with the majority of the time every video doing this.

I don't really know what to really explain with this, it's pretty straight forward. I'll be watching an episode of an anime, and then all of a sudden the picture will just freeze in place, while the audio keeps going. Sometimes it takes me a minute to notice it's happening, because it can look like the show's just taking a lingering shot on something, but it's really obnoxious.

The only way I've gotten it to pick back up properly is to click backwards in the video, to a little before the segment where it froze, then play again from there. That fixes it, usually, for that video. But, as I said, it happens often enough that it's really annoying.
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