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Posted 1/19/16 , edited 4/20/16
While reading manga in the Android application, I've been noticing several chapters having duplicated or out-of-order pages. For example, the latest chapter of Inside Mari (65) had two duplicated pages and one missing page that was replaced by the duplicate. I've seen the same issues with Aizawa-san Multiplies.

After some experimenting, it seems I can get it to be fixed occasionally by scrolling back through several pages and then forward again, but that doesn't always fix things and sometimes it creates a new duplicate.

There seem to be similar posts in this forum, so I'm hoping this is a known issue and being worked on. The ability to read manga is great and I know it's supporting the creators too. This is really putting a wrench into that.
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Posted 2/17/16 , edited 2/17/16
I just started using the Android app as well, and every so often I get a duplicate page too =( scrolling back a bunch of pages fixes it, but it is an annoying problem =(
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Posted 3/3/16 , edited 4/20/16
I've seen this problem a lot on the Android app. I haven't seen the source code for the app, and I only have very limited knowledge of Android development, so anything I say about it would be pure speculation, but if I had to guess... I'd say that the page images are loaded one at a time in the background into an image gallery/collection with less slots than there are pages in the chapter (perhaps 5-10 slots total), and it seems to unload images from its "collection" if they're no longer needed (if you're on page 10, you shouldn't need page 1 ready and waiting), possibly due to memory limitations. This problem with repeated images seems to arise when the app either hasn't loaded or can't load the next images in sequence by the time you navigate to those images. The app then gets a request for "next in sequence" when you try to go to the next page, so it wraps around back to the beginning of its current image collection. Scrolling really far back and then forward would force it to repopulate the limited slots in the image collection. I've found it's more reliable to back out of the chapter (not the whole app) and then reopen it.

Anyway, that's my guess.

And yep, this issue has been mentioned in other threads:
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Posted 7/9/16 , edited 11 days ago
It's been over a year and this problem still persists. Very incompetent.
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