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Posted 1/20/16 , edited 1/20/16
Yesterday, all the other simulpub mangas came out, but the newest chapter of Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (chapter 190) is still missing. I can't find the link to contact the support staff directly, that's why I'm making this thread, hoping that some of the staff might see it and do something about it.

And for the umpteenth time: Everybody make mistakes, but why can't you folks just acknowledge your mistakes and write on for example Twitter that you messed up and couldn't get the chapter out at time?
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Posted 1/31/16 , edited 2/1/16
I don't know if it's been solved or not, but it works for me at least. I use Google Chrome, and it load perfectly fine, no lag or blackout. Have you tried clearing your cookies?

And what? If the chapter doesn't load it maybe that it's loading slowly, and you should wait patiently for it to load. You could try refreshing the page, you could check to see if it loads for other people, if it loads fine for them, then that'll be on your end having issues with it.

I just noticed it's premium. Same with how anime goes, if you're not premium, you don't get the release yet until the actual date of it, which is like usually a few 3 days at most.
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