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Posted 1/20/16
That's correct folks, a trailer recently landed and it is indeed part of the same universe of Cloverfield!

It depicts three people, one being John goodman who seems to be in-charge & who tries to prevent the female character from leaving the underground bunker.
The second character is a woman, whom clearly suffers some injury & seems to be recuperating, yet tries to break out of the bunker at any cost.
The third character seems to be a male with a broken arm, who seems to be afraid/nervous around john goodman's character.

The woman manages to escape to the door leaving the bunker but before unlocking, is horrified by something unseen at the door.


Speculation, I believe the beginning is set at the same time as the 1st film but guessing from how film 1 ends, a good chunk of this film will be after the final chapter of the 1st film. So it won't be a true sequel revealing what happened to the characters of film 1 but will expand the ramifications of the ending.

More amazing is how fast it will land in cinemas, as it will be in usa 11th march & 8th April for uk cinemas.

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Posted 1/20/16
I saw the trailer a few days ago. It looks as though it could be interesting, especially if it builds on the world after the first film
I quite enjoyed Cloverfield so I'm eager to see what they do with this.
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Posted 7/4/16
Saw the movie and it totally delivered.
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Posted 7/29/16
Where is the second movie? Seeing that ending! Needed closure!
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Posted 9/15/16
This movie was pretty much
I loved it John Goodman is best crazy nut. I just wish it did better in box office.
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Posted 12/30/17
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