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Posted 1/20/16 , edited 1/20/16
In response to the email I received with the same title.

As of February 1, 2016, catalog titles will be available exclusively to Premium subscribers. As a free user, you will still have access to all currently airing titles, so you'll have plenty of time to stay up to date on the newest anime. Each new episode of a currently airing title will be available for a 13-week period, after which it will be available to Premium subscribers only.

I'm sure you've done all the necessary research but are you absolutely sure this is the best course of action? I have a few questions and concerns.

1.) Is the add revenue insufficient to continue supporting catalog titles?

As far as I understand it, the content creators are still paid in proportion to the amount of views their content gets. Isn't this also hurting the studios who may experience a drastic reduction?

2.) I understand that the idea is to have more viewers switch to the premium service, but have you considered how many may just leave to other less reputable services?

Again, Crunchyroll has stated many times how much they care for the studios that produce the anime they stream. If it's sustainable, I would argue that the studios receiving some is better than receiving none of the revenue generated.

3.) Some younger viewers are just not able to subscribe to premium service, or some viewers just may not see the value.

It can be quite difficult to talk your parents into paying a subscription to a service to watch "cartoons". Some parents may understand it, others may not. Crunchyroll provides a safe, reliable environment for young viewers. With this absence it may encourage them to find their way into less savory areas of the net.

As an adult viewer, some of us don't get to watch as much as we like to. Personally, I might find a weekend to binge every couple of months. If I was able to watch regularly, a premium subscription would make sense. Paying when I'm not watching doesn't make good financial sense so I stay a free viewer. I can watch and take comfort in the fact that I'm supporting the studios and artists who make the content even without digging into my wallet.

I'm sure you've taken these into consideration already, but I really must urge you to perhaps rethink it and come up with a solution that works a little better for both sides.
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Posted 1/20/16 , edited 1/21/16

DragmireX wrote:

In response to the email I received with the same title.

Do you live in Canada?:
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