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Posted 1/20/16 , edited 1/20/16
So I did see some others post stuff like this already, but I didn't look too far down into the forums. Basically, I don't want to have to make a MAL profile and record the shows I've watched, rate them etc. Instead, why not have a kind of 'personal library' feature where we can access all our favourite shows, shows we like, shows we want to watch.

Maybe even have a list creation function where we can separate the library out into our favourites list, backlog, seasonal shows we're watching and so on. Just a thought, but the lack of a simple function like this is sorta frustrating .

I think it would improve the site a lot. I'm a real fan of the current site already, and I feel like this would definitely give it a more complete feeling to it as well as make it more 'homely' I guess.
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Posted 1/20/16 , edited 1/26/16
They used to have something called Watchlist, and also a list manager function to create similar lists, favorites, etc., but they got rid of all that years ago and replaced it with the /home/queue , of which you only get one. I doubt that they will bring back a feature they already decided to discontinue.

It could be handled by having multiple queues become available to users, but if they do that then it would facilitate account sharing which they want to discourage. Pretty much, having only one queue makes sharing an account a pain, unless you are really aligned with the other person.

Pretty much, MAL, Hummingbird, ANN, or Anime-Planet, or a spreadsheet, are the only way to keep track of lists of entire shows watched, want to watch, dropped, etc..

Unless you want to roll your own, that is... You can manually create "pages" on your profile using bbcode, which requires a lot of upkeep, but if you do, there can be CR site links to shows in there if you want them, plus pages on your profile are visible to other users, so you can share if you want to...
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