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Anime Sins
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Posted 1/20/16

Issues in anime that really bug me

If your gonna add your own reason
Dont just name a anime, add in your comment as to why you didnt like it
Or it bugged you.
Something i forgot to add in my last journal which i will add
And you may go there and add to the thread but must give a reason why

~ First up is filler/flashback ~
I find this really annoying as the main focus is cut short
If thier going to do this. They should do that early
Sometimes we might get a flash back in a flash back T_T
Filler: is to show what else is happening at the same time
while the main characters are else where
or. To have a before story of the present events
Im looking at you bleach & one piece & naruto
Naruto has this stupid sports thing, bleach had some Aladdin tale
And the bio weapons filler. One piece had that stupid long island & some
ancient japan time with differnt factions at war.
With one piece we get straight to the action but suffer nearly 6min of intro & recap shorting the episode :/
Best part comes at the end & you want to watch more but got to wait

~ Appearance ~
Character design wise
I think one piece takes the gold for wtf disgusting gross characters
Not in order
Miss Christmas
That lady with the frog hat & her friend
Some dude in the alibasta arc with a robe that strikingly looks like something ripped from rockos modern life
The weirdo from skypia with the stretched ears..... yea eww
And that large dumb ring on hes back
The fox pirate. Ugh he & many others i cant stand with stupid laugh & just a slap to the face of a insult to
Actual pirates & foxes everywhere
Several more have stupid fake laughs.
Cesar clown was another but hes was ok
That butler from ussops arc. Hes dumb tacky zebra shoes
Hes coat with dog poop/kong (dog toy treat thing) as a badge
Most of mingos dumb family
The big fat beaver tooth one
So dumb & annoying
The disgusting man baby who let hes dignity as a man out the window & into a wood chipper devolving from hes past-self as a mafia gentle man to hes fallen state in the present
the other big fat one who was a body builder now a sumo ... o.o
The old guy whos parents must of been the letter G
That all he says
Its annoying
& he looks like a mummy
pica's and a Rushaburō in bleach two characters with high pitches voices
And last is the damn booger slime man
Eww flipping gross
and hes as dumb as the other fat beaver tooth dude. Crying for hes master like a cry baby. Ugh get out
Choppers karate form... F A I L !
That group who are called dragons
they dont deserve a cool name like that if they cant fight at all nor dress good
Boa hand cocks crew
Oh good lord some of the women arnt even human -__-
Same for that transvestite that helps luffy
Probably more im forgetting
Two classics that need a major overhaul
Cyborg 009 & astro boy
Flipping noses

Yet in these shows we have

The cyborg that shoots flames & is the french cook
Why does he have a melted butt face with butt shaped eye lines
& hes fat nose!?
Must be the fire leaking inside him :I

The one with the fish fin nose

And the charcoal gray skin dude

Astro boy. Some guys nose thats shaped as a blimp ready to launch
Same for the Dr in cyborg 009

The new batman. Monster mayhem
The jokers nose was pulled from hes face & slammed into a pencil sharpener. WTH

Case in point
Anime is a work of art
They are perfect compared to the real world, and yet these things are in them :/

~ fashion/designs ~

Uryū Ishida from bleach
I liked more when he fought mayuri (who i love depite being a smartass jerk) after that he gets a crappy junky item that makes him impossible to fight & hes new bow after that looks like a pirate ship wheel. WTH.

Most anime will have a character with the weirdest & dumbest hair & outfit

Since dragon ball battle of gods 2
Gohan looked alot like rock lee from naruto. Just odd

Vegeta's new gray suit
It just looks tacky with that piping

Naruto should look more like ninjas
And one piece should be more like pirates x3

Super sayian gods
Not only was the name stupid & long
But its a lazy recolors & i hate recolors
Go to google or youtube & you will find waaaay better & nicer designs by the fans.

~ Abilities ~
Some are way over the top, plain silly or way too long

Rurouni Kenshin is one of those
How the hell the american VA's were able to pronounce hes attacks is beyond me. The something something (persons name) technique
Ugh how, what the hell!? Thats incredibly long & ridiculous
like you would be dead before you finished saying it, the what technique!?
Ugh sure... :I
Later hes master fights a giant & this next to one piece takes sword abilities to a whole new level
The giant swings hes sword, the master just holds hes sword above hes head & the giants breaks...
Really? Come on
This may be anime but he didnt move
& 2nd irl the giant would win easily
Due to hes size & weight

In one piece. Zoro & others can cut through anything ....

In bleach everyone has thier own very unique powers. I am 100% on this but rukia & the captain both have the same power over ice
Doesn't matter if one is a dragon & the other is a maiden
Both are ice

What was ichigos anyways?
Besides raw power?

~ Characters ~

Most anime will have that annoying
Stupid and/or bastard for a character

Im not happy with the name satin given to the guy in dbz

Hear me out!!!

If you are in a religious family
Ie: Jehovah witness, christen. w/e
You are in. You must understand.
By naming a character this, after a real fallen angel/demon irl known to be evil in real life
Do you really think parents would be ok with this? NO
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Posted 1/20/16

Why name him that?
Just Hercule is fine :/

Gon. First stupid name
Hes character progression was awfully slow
The other characters need more screen time
The final sucked too

Discount/discontinued alt cell (ant king)
Has a flipping army
Rather play chess with a blind girl

The wolf ant dude
This poor guy got royally screwed
First hes bullshit fight with the octopus then the NOT king ant scared him to near death causing hes fur to fall off & look old :/

Ploo from rave master
Tofu dog anyone?

Bolin from legend of korra
I swear they made him stupider & more annoying later

Korra sucks & cant keep a BF

No matter how many rashangans he makes. Its still one move & thus leaving him as a noob. Yea great flipping ninja who wishes to be the best :/

Anyone who says you will never beat me, not even in a thousand years...
"Sigh" oh shut up!

Yu-Gi-Oh gx
Oh how i hate jaden
Cheating every match
Hes dumb monsters
Hes dumb fusions
The damn monster spirits

Chads creepy gross monster spirts

Syrus & luna & lucas dumb monsters

That fattie from gx. Annoying & stupid

Akzia. Unlikable & untrusting

I really dont think kids should be dragon masters. (Signer sounds dumb)

Weird jack isnt the head & wasnt surprised from how he was meant to be king
a body shouldnt be able to hold two gods yet goodwin & hes brother managed :/
The dragon should of chose a new master the second the owner died but no it waited till goodwin possessed both & was defeated
Pretty bad sloppy writing imo

Much later with the new tournament coming up, we of course have new enemies. Team unicorn
What a bunch of extremely annoying cheater
Jack & friends couldn't stop saying power deck. They only said it about 500 times, (ok not really, but say something else. Omg, extremely we Repetitive.
Hated goodwins assistant too
Annoying laugh & voice
He was more of a zaku trooper reject

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27 / M / This Dying World
Posted 1/20/16
Astro Boy aired in 1963.
Posted 1/20/16
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Posted 1/20/16
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M / The Nightosphere
Posted 1/20/16
Posted 1/20/16
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Posted 1/20/16
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F / You, Knighted States
Posted 1/20/16
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Posted 1/20/16
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Posted 1/20/16 , edited 1/20/16
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Posted 1/20/16
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26 / M / Inside Lorreen's...
Posted 1/20/16
Issues of CR that bug me:

This thread.
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34 / M / outer wall, level...
Posted 1/20/16
Posted 1/20/16
It's so long.
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