The Heroic Legend of Arslan anime and manga questions.
Posted 1/20/16 , edited 1/20/16
I been looking a bit a the manga and I notice certain events from the manga are being omitted.
Like some events from chapter 24. There a certain graphic scene that was not shown. Unless I fail to remember it happening in the anime.

So I am trying to no spoiled myself here and anybody else here. So can anybody tell me if certain things are being omitted and why?

Posted 1/20/16
The anime I felt was geared to almost a family type audience. So I could see why they would cut a lot of more mature scenes out. It's a real shame though.
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Posted 1/20/16
I took a look at that chapter and the one after. It really did differ a lot from the anime...

Just my speculation: The anime is based on the novels, which came out many many years ago. The manga is pretty recent. I haven't read either the novels or the manga so this is just a guess, but maybe the manga added that on their own and diverged a bit from the novels. If not, then it's the anime that changed it.

Whatever the case, it's not much of a big deal since they both led to the same event.
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Posted 9/15/16
Op Nuked. locked.
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