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Posted 1/21/16 , edited 1/25/16
Written by: FloydYoder

To anyone who knows me, it is no secret that I love a good sports anime. There is always something really satisfying about people who are initially weak grow stronger through dedication, hard work and motivation. In 2014 Haikyu!! burst on to the scene with its great animation and lovable characters. This season Haikyu!! is back and better than ever! After their participation in the inter-high tournament the boys of Karasuno high have to get ready for the spring tournament, but they quickly learn just how strong the opponents ahead truly are.

The two initial storylines coming into this season are the expansion of the management staff with a new manager, the ever terrified and adorable Yachi Hitoka, and the growth of the players. Yachi is a great character with a really touching arc because, much like the players, she is fighting her own battle. The players are constantly seeking to improve their physical strength and Yachi is constantly trying to overcome her perpetual nervousness with an enthusiasm that you can help but love. The players however, get a real taste of the competition to come and all seek to grow and evolve. It is really awesome to see how the players are trying to make themselves stronger individually and see how those individual improvements benefit the teamwork they have already developed.

Simply put, if you enjoyed the first season of Haikyu!!, then I doubt you need much convincing. The characters are still great, their personal arcs and gradual improvement are still engaging, and watching a new style grow out of the skeleton of their current style is a treat. If you somehow missed out on this series last year it is not too late and it is worth it. Look forward to the battles of Karasuno high in Haikyu!!, available here on Crunchyroll, every Saturday at 12pm PST!
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Posted 1/22/16
Great review! Spot on without giving away any spoilers. I'm loving the progression in depth of the first years.
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