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Posted 1/21/16 , edited 9/28/16
Written by: Augustine-

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful island paradise. Got it? Good, now imagine this place is occupied by a 4:1 ratio of girls to guys, and they’re all incredibly attractive and friendly. Still with me? Okay. Now, get this. You can fly.

It’s not Neverland, there are no faeries here (...yet. I don’t think it’s that kind of anime, but you never know.) It’s also not some kind of Heaven, don’t let the angelic iconography of Grav-Shoes™ fool you. No, this is the world of AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue, an eloquently-named journey into the descriptively-named world of the Four Islands Archipelago.

We’re introduced into this world through the big, innocent eyes of Hyperactive New Girl Asuka Kurashina, who announces her name, status, and current level of helplessness (CODE RED LEVEL 5 MOE ALERT) within the first thirty seconds or so of the production. To her rescue comes Self-Insert Silent Protagonist Masaya Hinata, who acts as a guide, ours and Asuka’s.

Masaya and other cute girl supporting characters introduce us to the aforementioned Grav-Shoes™, an incredible device granting their users the power of flight. Naturally, these are available to adults and children of all ages, requiring only a brief instructional session from a pair of high school freshmen. I wish I could’ve gone to high school here!

However, it begs the question: In a land where high schoolers are flying to school together, whose bright idea was it to assign the girls these incredibly fashionable uniforms?

But it’s not all fun and games. Okay, it kinda is. But it’s not all fun! There’s also games. A chance encounter with a posh and talented young lady from a rival school of ace aerialists results in a surprising and refreshing jaunt into Serious Mode. It was at this moment that I realised this was not going to be a Magical Girl show, but rather a Sports show. Sweet.

Turns out, if you give high schoolers the power of flight, they’ll figure out how to make some form of Quidditch. Using a higher echelon of battle-boots, we’re treated to the spectacular display of the local sport: Flying Circus!

That exclamation point was my emphasis, it’s not part of the name of the sport. But it might as well be! Flying Circus looks like a blast, combining elements of racing, and combat. Like a demolition derby, but with cute anime girls. In the sky.

I really enjoyed AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue. If you like crazy futuristic sports played by cute 'n quirky people, you'll love it.
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