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Posted 1/21/16 , edited 14 days ago
Written by: FloydYoder

Out of the tremendous catalogue that is housed on Crunchyroll there are few titles that are more flat out enjoyable than Gintama. Long time fans know that the great thing about Gintama is that it can do it all. Normally it is a hilarious sitcom show that is easy to drop in and out of, with the shenanigans of the Odd Jobs crew being the front and center appeal. However, every so often the show will also turn up the action and the drama with both barrels to make some very high octane but poignant moments. This season includes perhaps the most anticipated arc of Gintama to date: The Shogun Assassination Arc. The arc starts off simple enough with an attempt on the Shogun’s life. This event is the beginning of a conspiracy that could conceivably destroy the stability of Japan. So of course the preparations to protect the Shogun are done with the utmost care and severity.

Did I say care and severity? I meant the gutbusting absurd humor that we have come to know and love from Gintama. There is something truly special about having a character totally seriously attempt to place a body double of the shogun that is only 3 feet tall, and it only gets more ridiculous from there (Let's just say they use a lot of blur and side characters freaking out about inappropriateness). However, despite the silly buildup the meat of the arc is a freaking awesome festival of fights, betrayals, surprises and reunions culminating with a look at the mysterious past of Gintoki, our lovable lazy protagonist..

If you like any of the following: Well paced humor, likable characters with interesting relationships, great storylines that appear in bite sized stretches, and unusually awesome fight choreography; Then you owe it to yourself to pick up Gintama if you haven’t already. The Shogun Assassination Arc just solidifies that with its excellent humor, intrigue and action.

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Written by: Dingofist

When discussing Gintama, it's always inevitable that the conversation turns to "serious arcs," those abnormal events throughout the series where the characters forget they're in a gag anime and everything turns to melodrama and despair and epic shonen samurai battles. These are the oddballs of the Gintama canon, the bits and pieces of drama that give the work that unique gravitas that makes it so special, helping it to ascend beyond similar series.

Of these "serious arcs," none to date have carried the same weight, the same irreversible impact to the Gintama world as the Shogun Assassination arc, which finishes out its run next Wednesday. Numerous lengthy threads of story that have been hinted and teased for hundreds of episodes finally converge and reach they're climax here, resulting in a spectacular clash of warring powers that fans of the series and its lore won't want to miss.

When an attempt is made on Shogun Tokugawa Shigeshige's life, the vast majority of the cast comes together to escort him out of Edo to safety, bringing them face-to-face with the ever-scheming Takasugi and his Kiheitai, bolstered by the forces of Kagura's brother Kamui and the bloodthirsty Amanto he commands. There's betrayal and sadness and fights and grandstanding and even a few jokes at every turn, and the increased animation budget is evident in each pulse-pounding battle.

With the Shogun Assassination Arc, Gintama begins to move into its endgame, or seems to, as evidenced by the continued dramatic and serious turns the source manga has taken in the hundred or so chapters since the arc ended there. The Shogun Assassination Arc is the powder keg setting off the explosion that seems to lead to Gintama's finale, and fans of the series have zero reason to even consider missing out.

If you love Gintama as an ongoing story, samurai battles, heartfelt emotion, or even just the odd dick joke, Gintama's Shogun Assassination Arc has something to offer you. It's a true treat for longtime fans of the series, but newcomers should still be perfectly capable of discerning what this series is all about if they jump in head first now.

You'll laugh and you'll cry and it'll be great. Do not miss it.
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Posted 1/22/16 , edited 1/22/16
Hm... interesting. What's the specific episode # this Arc begins at?

Thank you.
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Posted 1/24/16 , edited 1/24/16
This arc starts in episode 300. Well worth checking out.
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Posted 8/26/16 , edited 8/26/16
I've recently started watching Gintama, I'm 7 or 8 episodes in and still wondering when it turns really funny. Not that it isn't amusing enough, I actually probably enjoyed the first 2 episodes the best, which, reading the comments, I think are considered particularly weak. It just doesn't seem they're trying very much on the jokes by and large. You've got characters eating or whatever in serious moments and whatnot. Amusing enough, but it seems like the sort of silliness just about anyone could write. The last episode I watched featured a duel with Gin and Gin's friends were selling refreshments-- I think I laughed here but when that's nearly the best part of the episode, that episode might not be the best episode of all time. Lot of breaking of the fourth wall, but the comments here aren't particularly creative or hilarious either thus far.
Even so, I'm enjoying the show and will probably continue it perhaps in part because my standards aren't all that high.

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Posted 9/9/16 , edited 9/10/16
season 2 is the funniest season , i'm still on it .. maybe season 3 will be funny .. but the more you watched the funnier it becomes
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Posted 14 days ago , edited 13 days ago
i called gintama as one of my favorite animes of all time

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