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Post Reply Germans battle refugee sex assaults with signs, cartoons
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Posted 1/26/16 , edited 1/26/16

HolyDrumstick wrote:
STILL missing my point. Also, not trying to be an expert in anything. I just get tired of the copious amounts of shit talk that comes from the mouths of Europeans directed at America.

Your point was basically "Suck it, Europ, how does it feel?" and the basis for that point was incorrect. As for "copious amounts of shit talk" you have not demonstrated that as anything more than anecdotal.

Cola_Colin wrote:
curious, but too lazy to check facts elsewhere: Isn't the US all in all something like 300 million people? If you had 8+ million immigrants each yeah you'd have to have a pretty crazy growth of your overall population. Sounds weird to me. Either 2012 was some weird spike or something is off about the numbers.

If that was meant to be an annual then they are completely off, yes. The estimated figures are 11.4 million total in the entire country, not annual, and those figures have been pretty much stable for the past 5 years. The peak figure was 2007 at an estimated 12.2 million or so. It has been on a slow decline since.

8 to 20 million per year would be insane. The US deports around 400,000ish a year ( and thats a record high ) and Mexico only has a population of 122 million to begin with. So the US would have drained the country dry by now if those numbers were correct. >.>

Mexico would be nothing but three guys that accidentally slept in and that affluenza teen and his mom.
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