Is Steins Gate better game or Anime? (Suggestion)
Posted 1/23/16
I've been hearing SG is really good, but I can't decide if the anime is better or the game is better.

What do you suggest?
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Posted 1/23/16 , edited 1/23/16
Personally, I prefer the visual novel because of the alternate endings, more character development overall, especially Kurisu who acts much differently than her anime counterpart, and I found Okabe's thoughts entertaining.
However, if you do want to watch the anime, I would watch that first because I do not believe it would be as enjoyable after reading the visual novel.
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Posted 1/23/16
I've just started playing the game and it's fantastic so far and more than I expected to be honest.

I've heard good things about the anime as well but I can say for sure that the game is great.
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Posted 1/24/16
The anime is a faithful telling of the "true end" of the visual novel.

Compared to the VN, however, the anime lacks a lot of character depth. In particular, you miss the opportunity to see the other character routes, which really flesh out the backgrounds, motivations, and personalities of the other members of the lab (besides Okabe and Kirisu).

The only real advantage of the anime is that it takes less time to watch (the VN is long) and the OVA and movie are interesting (if not canon) continuations of the universe that put a nice little ribbon on the true end's ending.

In either case, both are fantastic.
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Posted 9/14/16
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