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Post Reply Your favorite table top games?
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Posted 2/4/16 , edited 2/4/16

LordDust wrote:


Ha! That's too funny. My GM would go all out and create so many guns and weapon loads too. Spent more time on that then anything. Never played Earthdawn. What's the premise?

I picked up the core books of the Game of Thrones RPG from Green Ronin. Seems like a pretty fun game. That Risk game sounds wild, I'll have to look it up.

Earthdawn is a high fantasy setting that is the historical prequel to Shadowrun. It is basically the ancient past of that world. I had the first GoT RPG book a while back, they were charging about fifty bucks for the bugger and it was about the size of an encyclopedia. I couldn't get anyone to play and ended up selling it off to get other stuff.

The last actual campaign we ran was BESM with Naruto home brew rules. Guardians of Order went out a while back and they haven't made any supplements for any recent series. The guys had asked me to try to set up rules for Bleach, but that never really got rolling. I'd prefer to do something like Psychopass with more intrigue and a bit more story depth, but not enough interested parties so far. My only disappointment in anime tabletop RPGs is that aside from Lupin III there are very few to no licensed figures in the most common miniature scale.

I'm shocked that Earthdawn was not on my radar. Gonna have to see more of that. Wow, BESM! Never got the chance to play but I had read a lot about it. Always imagined doing some mecha stuff and something goofy like Project A-ko. Agreed on that tabletop thought. That's always been a shame.
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Posted 2/5/16 , edited 2/6/16
Shogi is my favorite!!
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