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Posted 1/24/16

Please develop an "auto-image resizer" to dynamically adjust the width (and height?) of images posted on the forum. (Or is there an option for this already that I cannot find?)



I have done this before for my vBulletin forums, which are admittedly different. However, principle is the same--use img ALT titles and javascript to set the height/width of all images posted within a thread.
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Posted 1/24/16
Seconded. I am nice enough to re-size and repost stuff when it's way too large, but I feel like I shouldn't have to.
Posted 1/25/16
Open crunchyroll_2.css

Add the following



div.sortbar a:hover{ color:#000}

so that it looks like this

div.sortbar a:hover{color:#000}.bb-image{max-width:100%;}

Problem solved, on all browsers.
Posted 1/25/16
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