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Posted 1/25/16
Hi everyone.
A new forum up. I wanted to start it off by introducing some of my favorite anime openings. Feel free to add what kind of OPs and EDs you like from anime.


#1: Galilei Donna

"Synchromanica" by Negoto
Song link:
(i) A good song in my opinion. The show has mixed reviews, but I think it's safe to say it had one heck of a catchy OP to it. I think many may enjoy it for its unusual beat, yet addictive music. Personally, I listened to it every time the OP came on each episode. It is hard to find an official version of this song so I instead linked a HD version someone had uploaded.

#2: Kekkai Sensen

"Hello, world!" by Bump of Chicken
Song link:
(i) I think many can agree that alongside this awesome series was this awesome OP. I had to add it to this list because this song just seemed to fit so well with the series that it was enjoyable to listen to.

#3: Tears to Tiara

"Free and Dream" by Suara
Song link:
(i) This song has been an all time personal favorite since I watched Tear to Tiara. It's one song that has all it needs to be a memorable one. Every song I have listened to from Suara thus far have all been great,

#4: Log Horizon

"database feat. TAKUMA (10 Feet)" by MAN WITH A MISSION
Song link:
(i) A song so good that they made it the OP for the second season. I think that's all that needs to be said. But yes, this song is a great song with a fast paced beat that makes you at the very least sing to yourself as you listen.

#5: Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

"Buddy" by Maaya Sakamoto
Song link:
(i) This song was another I had listened to without fail. A good song that fits the intro perfectly in my opinion, which also just adds to the story itself.

Soon to come will be some of my favorite endings, as well as more openings from various anime. Please feel free to post in the meantime.
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