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Posted 1/25/16
One of the things I find most strange, an to a certain degree anoying, is the way sword fighting is done. Running in from 10, 20 even 50 meters apart, striking and then withdrawing doesn't have much resemblence with real swordfighting where you mostly stay face to face and within a meter or two of eachother through the whole fight. If you run 20 meters every few attacks it's the running that decides the outcome, not the fencing.

Is this the way they fight with swords in Japan?
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Posted 1/25/16
European and Japanese sword fighting techniques are different (the swords are different) but broadly similar. Japanese swordsmen didn't fight like anime any more than pirates fought like Jack Sparrow.

It's not always bad, though. This video discusses how an anime got European techniques and equipment right:
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