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Posted 1/25/16
I've never been that great at creating visual art with my own two hands. I took an intro to drawing class when I was in high school and averaged a high C/low B grade the majority of the semester. It's not like I wasn't trying, I just simply didn't have the skill. I tried my hardest but never seemed to get better.

I've never felt discouraged by this, as I love to doodle but I want to be able to draw what I can picture in my head. I'm not looking to be able to draw magnificent, hyper-realistic mountain landscapes or things like that, just more detailed and visually appealing doodles basically. I don't expect my skills to develop overnight. I understand that for someone like me (who wasn't naturally gifted in this area) must work hard to achieve decent skill in drawing.

I also feel that I should mention that I currently own a Wacom tablet that I use for the rhythm game "Osu!". I figured that as long as I have this piece of equipment I should use it for it's intended purpose and not just for one game. I also tend to doodle in the margins of notebooks and composition books while listening to lectures in my college classes. Can anyone give me advice for further developing my skills? Thanks!
Posted 1/25/16
Maybe you could post a picture of one of your drawings so I can see what needs help?
Posted 1/25/16
Practice makes perfect!

Just keep drawing in your spare time. I always have a sketch pad with me and always draw.
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Posted 1/25/16
every time you mess up start all over, thats what i did.
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Posted 1/26/16
Find a book that teaches you how to draw.
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Posted 1/26/16
Look for the shapes in things. When you look at a human, don't just see the outline, see all the shapes that make it up. This works with pretty much everything. It is just a series of shapes that work together to form a whole.

The same principle works with the face. It starts with a game of proportions. The head's outline is a circle (making up the top part of the head) and an upside-down trapezoid (making up the bottom part of the head. The eyes are directly in the center height wise. The nostrils are halfway between the eyes and the bottom of the chin. The crease of the mouth is halfway between the nostrils and the chin. The pupils are halfway between the center of the head and the outside of the head. The edges of the mouth are directly below the pupils. The ears go from the top of the eyes to the nostrils. The eyebrows work up naturally from the curvature of the nose. Etc etc etc. These are all rough estimates, but they get you started when trying to draw a face....
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Posted 1/26/16 , edited 1/26/16
Youtube, youtube, youtube. Can not stress enough how many absolutely stellar how to videos they have on this subject. Main thing is to just not be discouraged. If you stay at it, I guarantee you will find success.

I am actually pretty decent (Profile pic is my drawing so about that level) hit me up if you questions on anything specifically.
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Posted 1/26/16
This website focuses mainly on digital art but there are also several videos on traditional drawing fundamentals that you might find useful.
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Posted 1/27/16
I felt the same way as you once upon a time and I still felt like I'm not good enough. But like all people say, "Practice Makes Perfect" I know this statement gets really old (been there done that) but that's the only thing I could really say.
I was never in any art classes during highschool nor took any art classes outside of school because I thought I'm never going to be good at it. and like what you did, I just doodled at the corner of my paper and sometimes on my desk.
all I can say, pick up that tablet of yours (so lucky, I don't have one) or pick up a pencil and paper and start with something small. something easy. Read some manga or how to drawings and try to remember every detail and try to draw it with just your memory. watch anime or any cartoons and do the same thing.
somewhere along that journey you'll be a good at drawing, you'll be able to say to other people "yes you can do it!" someday, people will recognize you as a good drawer.
Its okay to think negatively as long as that negativity turns into positive. turn, "I cant do that" into "Someday, I can do this"

how about this, spare some two hours straight for only drawing, everyday draw for two hours, put a date then store it somewhere you wont see for a while. then next year, look through your drawings, I'll be positive you'll say "Holy cow, I've never realized how much I have improve!"
A Drawing A Day Challenge for one year.
maybe after that one year, you won't stop drawing anymore~
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Posted 1/29/16
Osu! may actually help with developing your hand-eye coordination with the tablet!

I'm getting my degree in Studio Art and this is what I do to improve:
Get a small about 6x9" sketchbook that can be easily put in your bag/carried, bring it EVERYWHERE, and always doodle at least page a day. I draw a little chart in the cover and mark off the days when I finish. (but if it discourages you when you miss a day, forget it and just do it for fun)
On the very first page write: "THIS SKETCHBOOK IS ALLOWED TO SUCK!!!" Never tear out a page, never scribble things out. That way, you can see your improvement as you get better!
Your sketches don't even have to be complete, you don't have to carry colored pencils everywhere if it's easier to just take a pen.
Whenever you're bored, pull it out and doodle. On the bus! During lectures! When you're procrastinating from doing something important!
Draw things you see! Draw people at restaurants, trees out the window, your pets, etc.
I go through about one 100 page sketchbook about every two months, and I definitely notice myself getting better!

And for some extra encouragement, I drew this in 2009

And this in 2013

Improvement is totally possible!
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