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Posted 1/26/16 , edited 1/27/16
Been paying for Crunchyroll for almost a year by buying $25 Visa gift card and buying the 1 Month Premium membership gift cards and redeeming it on my own account but now all of the sudden no gift card are working anymore! this has been going on for weeks already with zero help from the Crunchyroll support.
I tried American Express gift cards, Mastercard gift cards, and Visa gift cards and they all say my card information is invalid and when I try to pay with paypal it says the payment method of been declined. All these cards have enough funds on them and when I tried them on other sites like Funimation and Steam they work just fine! Ive spent over the amount it would cost me to pay for a year pass (spent $100) on gift cards that were specifically for membership on Cruncyroll and they dont even work! idk what wrong and I dont know what to do I really like Crunchyroll but this is really getting on my nerves im super pissed. Does anyone have any ideas of whats wrong?? Please help me out!!! I have tried contacting support but they were really no help at all.
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