Music Macro Languages Questions.
Posted 1/27/16 , edited 1/27/16
Okay, here's my questions.

1.How to get the midi track file of a song?

2. What applications will I need to use it?

3.Is there an MML converter for songs or something?

Thank you very much.
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Posted 1/27/16 , edited 1/27/16
Mini tracks, like on windows media player where you get a part of a song? If so it's more of a function than a actual file. but if you want to make one use soundbooth and just grab any part of the song you like and use a convert by googling.

Maybe the quickest way without doing too much
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only way that you'll do this is if you actually study MML for a while and work with the score yourself

there are no real converters; they simply guess at the general notes and background noise
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