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36 / M / SoFlo
Posted 12/7/16
I have a bunch of toys I saved from when I was a kid. I was a mild collector about 10 years ago.

The original cartoon didn't age well but I loved it as a kid. Got everything on DVD.

The 1986 Animated movie is the best Transformer movie. I know it line for line. I hate the Bayformer movies.

I have a ton of Transformer comic books.

I played and beat most of the TF video games. Some good, some not so good.

So yeah, I like Transformers.
Posted 12/8/16
I'm not a die hard fan, but they're alright.
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20 / M
Posted 12/9/16 , edited 12/9/16
I enjoyed Prime.
That's not where my name comes from.
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Posted 12/10/16
if you cosplay as a transformer and go to a comic Con to get your picture taken, you are my hero
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27 / F / Kyoto
Posted 12/22/16
I like transformers because I love mecha
Posted 12/22/16 , edited 12/22/16
Grew watching the first show.
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40 / M
Posted 1/2/17 , edited 1/2/17
try look on original transformer cartoon.more ok to compared with today era.ok example ... bumble bee.original was volks wagen.alias one .. real american muscle car as seen on all knew what type is.
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M / The underworld
Posted 3/23/17

Overyodel wrote:

ChaoticTyrant64 wrote:

Overyodel wrote:

Yeah, currently waiting on preorders for Unite Warriors Bruticus and I'll use my tax refund to get Unite Warriors Superion since I made the awful mistake of passing on the CW version. Also have MP Shockwave preordered and AM-19 Nightmare Unicron coming in the mail since I've been wanting a Prime Unicron for quite some time and that deco looks sick.

Kind of upset FunPub killed multiversal singularities. I thought they were a fun concept but I guess they were a storytelling nightmare.

Speaking of Bruticus I recently pre-ordered the Unite Warriors UW-EX Baldigus repaint. I look forward to displaying him with my RID Scourge.

I also pre-ordered Mastermind Creation's version of Tarn, that figure was not easy to find because it was out of stock on a lot of sites not too long after it had went up for pre-order.

Anyways It's nice to see fellow TF fan's on this site, I've been a fan since the Unicron Trilogies.

Eh, that Tarn figure doesn't quite do it for me. I understand it's real comic-accurate but all the smooth surfaces on him just bother me. The other figures they put out look better, IMO. Right now I'm just waiting on that ROTF Leader Prime reissue and the MP Soundwave reissue (Hasbro Asia version). Kind of scared to order MP-36. I heard there were no issues bringing MP-05 into the US, but I don't fucking trust customs.

The only thing to be afraid of with MP-36 Megatron is that price, yikes. The figure Itself however looks about as accurate as G1 Megatron can get. As for me I'm getting SparkToy's version of War Within Megatron. That's always been one of my most preferred versions and design's of Megatron besides Armada. I'm so glad we're finally getting a proper figure of him so now we can all forget about that crappy titanium series figure. Now if they could just make The Fallen...
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21 / FL
Posted 3/24/17
Transformers suck ass
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Posted 3/25/17 , edited 3/25/17
where is "cheesy" option ?
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