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Posted 1/28/16 , edited 1/28/16
Want to have a joke but people get offended? ( Not racist, just a weird sense of humour )

Well, Enjoy.

Here's one to even it out
Posted 1/28/16 , edited 1/28/16
Republican debate on Obama is better

Or Uncle Ruckus on Obama
Posted 1/28/16
Sometimes I just can't.
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Posted 1/28/16 , edited 1/28/16
Oh man you better believe it! and if you get offended by what im about to say, GFY, Im sure you are familiar with acronyms, because this is exactly why people ruined such funny racial humor.

I love the good times when we all use to laugh at jokes like that. Like the movie 40 year old virgin, perfect example. Love that movie.

Like when there are the 2 black guys arguing in the store, and it got to the point where the other black guy asks for a discount, on terms of, on the house ( basically because we are both black and you're my (Nigger) and they just start going at it XD oh man if you havent watched that movie, plz do so. Then the Paky, or Pakistani, Like I'm not trying to be racist at all, its for the humor. So he walks by the white guy( See i said white guy) and he begins to say to him. " Todays forecast, cloudy with a chance of drive by" Man the first time hearing that I was rolling.

The funny thing is that movie went back and forth from delivering jokes to other races, so it wasnt like they were picking on any race in particular, they all had a chance to crack a joke about their race within the movie, and it was a great time where we can make fun of each others race for the sake of humor.

People just have no sense of humor these days. However I do appreciate when a black person is making fun of black people more so than when a white guy is making fun of black people, because first of all, they have better delivery than a white person, and second, because it seems more fitting.

Im not racist, but I will throw a few racist jokes out there with friends, its not like i publicly voice them to other people. Whatever I make fun of you, you make fun of me, we all laugh at each other, whats so wrong about that?
Posted 1/28/16 , edited 1/28/16
If anyone complains about my jokes I just say "Nobody asked you, peasant".
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Posted 11/24/17
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