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Posted 1/28/16 , edited 1/29/16
Though it may sound like a very simple answer on the decision, Doesn't it seem like they sound very similar.

Think of it like this if you will.

In a democracy we will gather the peoples vote in order to "Elect" an individual into power. So it is the peoples decision to actually bring someone into power, but that aside; it is the people to give the power to the person in question and government. So in hindsight aren't we basically letting a single body or government control our situation?

Sure it is the peoples decision, but what about after everything is said and done? are the people still in control? or is it just another form of Totalitarianism in a very indirect way.

Your thoughts, or rebuttal
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Posted 1/29/16 , edited 1/29/16
Every form of governance is a trade of a certain amount of freedom and personal control in exchange for services and protections. I look at it much the same way I do commerce. You can get a good deal, a decent deal, a raw deal, etc. While my actions have consequences their ability to actually govern me relies on my consent. I do not have to allow governance of my person. Sure, I can be shot and killed or imprisoned, but that is not the same as being governed. Government is a type of social contract we choose to abide by, even if it is a dictatorship. Refusing to abide has consequences, but so does a lack of government.

Totalitarianism requires me to surrender far more control and freedom than a republic (which is what the USA is). A republic requires you to surrender a bit more than an actual democracy. Actual democracy can get scary though if you have enough idiots running around, a republic guards against that a bit (though obviously imperfectly).

Since we retain more control and have more options besides fleeing the area of governance or rebelling for influencing the processes republics and democracies are definitely different. Unless you subscribe to an anarchist perspective, then they are all pretty much the same. I don't find anarchy very appealing or practical myself. Human nature doesn't lend itself to positive outcomes in many systems once the group size gets larger. A republic seems to control for that better than many systems do.
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