Where to buy Anime Scrolls in the US?
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Posted 1/28/16
I'm looking for wall scrolls to purchase online and I know Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Redbubble, and Crunchyroll of course sell them, but are there other sites dedicated to anime in the US that sell them? I used ToonJunkie and they had over a 1,000 wall scrolls but they recently shut down that category for unseen reasons. Any other places online to buy wall scrolls?
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Posted 1/28/16 , edited 1/28/16
Try AmiAmi? They're in Japan, but the site is in English and they ship overseas. Amiami.com

If you can read any Japanese, try going on a shopping service like fromjapan.co.jp and searching Yahoo auctions, if you're looking for a specific one (like from an Ichiban Kuji or something).

But if you're looking for a series in general, try AmiAmi. Just search the name of a series.

If you're looking for Great Eastern wall scrolls (the US ones they sell at conventions) I don't know.
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Posted 25 days ago
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