January Original Japan Crate
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I did the free trial of Japan Crate for a month that was offered here with the free trial of premium crunchyroll. It was interesting but not worth a monthly subscription for the original Japan Crate. They offer 3 types of snack crates the mini $12,original $25, and premium $30.If I had money I'd go with their Doki Doki crate that features stuffed plushies and other collectible items instead as my Wal-Mart has a good variety of asian snacks.I sometimes buy Pocky there and there's an H-mart(Korean grocery store) near me. The January Crate was delayed because of shipping problems and the main do it yourself kit (Gudetama pudding)was not included because of that. I would have been mad if it wasn't free. It was packaged in a nice red and white cardboard box. The inside of the lid has a picture of Mt.Fuji and a japanese style house or temple. Very Pretty for a cardboard shipping box.There was a custom booklet explaining what each snack was and about holidays and customs that occur in January which was nice.Because of the delivery problem they made substitutions and a couple of products although Japanese were made here in the USA. Honestly it looked like they just went to the local asian grocery store and brought these items. But it was free.
My crate the January Original 2016 came with the following Items:
https://scontent-dfw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xla1/v/t1.0-9/12509617_10201430228755681_1259249734419392333_n.jpg?oh=ca8d0c4c0b71c5327b868f091d8463a0&oe=5731FE90 https://scontent-dfw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xlp1/v/t1.0-9/12004868_10201430232155766_5136744999669468605_n.jpg?oh=143d21daeb9c6b965a0b5cafd34e0e70&oe=572F91A8
1.Asahi Calpis- Tasted like a creme soda mentos.
2.Fit's Strawberry and Creme Gum-Where's Waldo themed packaging, advertised as long lasting flavor. It was and it tasted good.I'd buy it if it was sold here.
3.Pokemon Pineapple Candy- It looks like hard stick gum like Juicy Fruit, but it's actually chewy like a pineapple laffy taffy. Each wrapper had a pokemon on it and it looked like it was designed to do origami with it, but the instructions were all in japanese.
4.Sparkling Orange Gummy- This tasted like an orange sour patch kid.(a sour gummy)
5.Yam White Chocolates- sweet potato covered in white chocolate. was really really sweet. It was recommended to eat with the salted potato chips and that did help with the sweetness. I'm a chocoholic but I could only eat 1, that's how sweet it was. Oddly it enough it was kind of addicting.
6.Hello Kitty Strawberry chocolate flavored pretzel sticks- It was good, the strawberry chocolate was almost too sweet. My only complaint was how small the pack was.
7.Pocky- This was your regular chocolate covered biscuit stick pocky. It was made in the USA. You can buy it at Wal-mart in the international food aisle. I was expecting Pocky from Japan so that was a let down.
8. Ume potato Chips. They were regular chips. No uniquely Japanese flavor like wasabi, or green tea. I ate half the bag before noticing they had expired in Nov. of 2015. But I didn't get sick so it is what it is. Lesson learned always check the expiration date before you eat something.(sorry no pic)
9.Ju-C short Cake- these came in a cute litte tube. They were strawberry shortcake flavored wafers. Tasted like a strawberry bottle cap or smartie. I'd buy them if they were sold here.(sorry no pic)
10. Grape Ju-C- This looked like now and laters but tasted like a grape laffy taffy. It was good I just don't like grape flavor in general. This was a substitute for the missing Gudetama Pudding. It was not a comparable item in my opinion.
It also came with 2 mechanical pencils. One was just a plain blue and the other had flowers and some writing on it that was too small for me to read. it would have been nice if they were at least anime themed pencils. These were substitute items. I was really disappointed because I wanted to try the pudding as I see it being eating in dramas and anime all the time.

The premium crate came with everything above plus Pizza Pretz,Sukitto Lemon C Drink and Gaba Infused Stress Reliving Chocolate.
The Mini only came with the potato chips, hello kitty,pretzel pocky, and Ju-C shortcake.
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