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Posted 1/29/16 , edited 1/29/16
Overall, I'm quite happy with Cruncyroll's site design, but there are 2 details of the queue UI that really annoy me, and I would like to see changed (perhaps as configuration settings). These aren't deal-breaker issues for me, but rather pet peeves that I hope someone can get around to looking at as time permits.

1) The time remaining rounds down instead of up. So, if an episode will go live in 2 days and 23 hours, the queue will show 2 days, even though the episode will not be viewable in 2 days. I would rather it round up to 3 days, so that if I log in again in 3 days, the episode will be available. It is possible to get an accurate countdown by clicking the episode, but this requires an extra step. Also, if the loaded countdown is allowed to expire, the episode will begin to play on its own, whether I'm ready or not... and without subtitles, meaning the page has to be reloaded.

2) Sometimes for my favorite shows, I like to go back and re-watch certain episodes or scenes, but then the queue will show the re-watched episode rather than the countdown to the current episode. This makes sense, but when I click the upcoming episode, it doesn't update the queue to show the upcoming episode (as one would expect) but still shows the previously re-watched episode. It is possible to get the queue to display the upcoming episode by loading the most recent available episode, then clicking the progress bar right before the ending credits and waiting several seconds, but this is not an ideal solution because it requires unnecessarily streaming part of that episode and overwriting any episode progress information that may exist for that episode.
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Posted 2/27/16 , edited 2/28/16
Honestly, it would be nice for it to default to the newest episode you have not seen regardless of if you watched a previous episode, but don't expect Crunchy to do anything about the queue. It stands as is so I don't think we'll ever see it change since nothing has been done with it since it's inception regardless of what small feature changes have been suggested. Good luck with that.
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