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5 Simple Tricks to Avoid Getting Viruses
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Posted 1/31/16 , edited 1/31/16

zinjashike wrote:

Rujikin wrote:

Step #1: Install Linux
Step #2: profit.
Step #3 laugh at all the windows users and charge them for virus removal.

. . . two and three are reversed.

And the remaining steps for many others:

Step #4: realize you don't have any class leading software, only stuff that kind of sort of resembles it from half a decade or more ago
Step #5: surrender most of gaming catalog if substantial while gaming on PC
Step #6: fight ALSA for being a POS as always bemoaning the Linux audio stack
Step #7: find distro you're using has some flaw that's preventing specific functionality you need/want
Step #8: post to a community to find they don't have an answer now matter how much you troubleshoot, recommend you change distros
Step #9: repeat step seven and eight till you find something that has the most working (may not be possible)
Step #9b: upgrade hardware before new drivers that properly support it are out, realize you're fucked being behind the curve
Step #11: crawl back to Windows

Linux is great for specific purposes. Giving life to old systems doing very menial consumer usage, research, programming, and networking. The second you start getting into professional usage, gaming, niche hobbies, and newest consumer hardware you tend to start sacrificing stability, usability, or both. There are some people I would definitely say Linux could work for. My dad uses ProE and Solidworks so it's a no go. I use a lot of VSTs for audio DSP on my main listening rig and am an audio junkie - so no go.

The first one to say "dual boot" loses the game. If the solution is to fragment the user experience Linux will never thrive. It is effectively telling the companies that one will STILL buy their products even though they are only on Windows thus never driving them to develop for Linux as a platform.

and towards the linux works for certain people, I'm one of them, I program in c++ and having easily linkable libraries and decent ways to install them is amazing.

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Posted 1/31/16 , edited 1/31/16
Step #1: Be a human of sound mind aged under fifty years
Step #2: Use an Internet-connected personal computer regularly for about three consecutive years

If you are still finding yourself contracting malware often, and do not just know the flags for this kind of shit intuitively after following these steps, you are probably not the kind of person who should own a PC.
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Posted 1/31/16 , edited 1/31/16
Step 1: Get rid of all your electronics
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Posted 1/31/16 , edited 1/31/16
I haven't had a computer virus ever since I started to use adblock and noscript. I found that most viruses I got were not from the site itself, but from the ads.
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Posted 11/24/17 , edited 11/24/17
Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no new posts since 12/31/2016.
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