Dark Moor - Hall of Olden Dreams album
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Posted 1/31/16 , edited 1/31/16
Alrighty. This is probably not the best place to ask but I'm quite desperate here. I recently got into a Spanish power/symphonic metal band called dark moor, and I can easily find all their albums except for their best one! Hall of olden dreams is probably my new favorite album, (ties with Carolus Rex by Sabaton) but there is literally nowhere to buy a digital download or the album. Well I could get the album from amazon used for around 30$ but me and used Cds don't get along unless I get to look at it before I buy it. And new ones cost a ridiculous 200$. I probably understand that I don't have any other options here but my soul just won't accept it! If you guys know of any way to obtain said album for not 200$ I'll give you a virtual high-five! Also any recommendations for music like dark moor besides rhapsody would be appreciated!
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