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Post Reply Do you think SAO author is forcing it?
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Posted 2/1/16

xxJing wrote:

Endofends wrote:
Sinon's ass is forced into our faces.

That was worth a good laugh but it ruined any sense of seriousness the show had left.

I mean they were going over a serious plan to defeat this murderer who is threatening their lives... all while Sinon is draped over Kirito and the camera keeps focusing on her ass.

There is no way anyone was going to pay any attention to what they were saying. The show was literally shitting in our faces knowing we would eat it.

Delicious. I didn't even need A1 or Yum Yum Sauce.
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Posted 2/1/16
i feel like SAO-GGO arcs were good, but at Excalibur everythiing went downhill. without that, they might have been able to keep it seeming good, but now i feel like theyre just whoring themselves.
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Posted 2/1/16
You have to hand it to the author - It's very difficult writing a hit story, much less continuing it as long as he did.

While I could nit-pick on the story itself, I'm more disappointed in the presentation. For one thing, the first season was a bunch of cliff-hangers, followed by episodes with short battle scenes, as if very little happens in a fight. Even if the original story didn't have as much action, they could have embellished it. The cam angles were terrible - hiding details so you couldn't tell how little work they actually put into making those screens. That left the first season as rather bitter sweet. One the one hand, you're happy for the main character and the story is progressing, but on the other hand, it always feels like you're missing something. Even the romance between Kirito and Asuna felt forced - not in the sense of their personalities getting together
but in the fact that we didn't get to see as much of a development. Maybe there wasn't much in the actual LNs, I don't know, but the over all impression I got was that anxious expectation whose relief never materialized in a satisfactory manner.
Elf land was a joke - a long ending for those who needed a finish to the show, assuming there wasn't going to be more. But since there was, it makes jolly ol' elf land a bit of a joke. Again, maybe it could have been more, but there wasn't something special.

The biggest critique I have is the poor carrying out of the sub-plots. Never read the light novels, but if you're going to follow a sub-plot, it needs to have some meaningful connection to the whole. The whole point of LC's appearance seemed more like a distraction than an actual important part. My point here: It needs to feel relevant to the whole.
As it was, the first season felt like a highlight reel of the LNs, which it was.

GGO got better. There was a purpose to the mayhem. It was more straight-forward plot-wise. But here I wasn't a fan of the content or what-turned-out-to-be the shallow nature of the mystery. It could have been turned into a real life-is-on-the-line think-fast layout, but bright vivid colors and sexy figures don't scare you, much less make running Death Boy seem like a real problem.

Mothers Rosario was... quick. It was over before I really had a chance to enjoy it. It wasn't long enough for me to feel enough sympathy to cry at the end. Again, presentation here suffered. While the ending was good, the suffering didn't feel like a big deal. The show's tone overall just felt so... casual.

Maybe it also had to do with the music. The first few SAO songs were great, and then as things went on, the sound track stopped adding to the mood of the show. Kinda fit the this-is-becoming-a-generic-pop-show, much like many anime these days. At least with Log Horizon, they tried to avoid that plague by re-using the same theme song.

Final rating:
It was interesting, even fun show at times, but it left something to be desired....
I don't think it can be summed up any better than that.
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