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Yo Mama's House
Posted 2/1/16 , edited 2/9/16
When I first logged in today, my password didn't work. I tried multiple times until I had to change my password. Additionally, when I logged in with my new password, it wasn't letting me it like I did the first time. Right now, it's working ok, but this was weird. I was wondering if something on the other side of things or some kind of bug or glitch.

(Please note that I did a couple of full computer scans to make sure it wasn't any malware, keylogger, or anything like that, and my computer is clean; I did the same on my mobile device.)

Nothing? Ok.

Well, at least nothing is happening and everything seems secure with all my other accounts. It's probably just one weird thing. Requesting for this to be locked.
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Posted 2/9/16 , edited 2/9/16
Closed by request. Honestly, as with all login, account, and billing issues, contacting support is the best approach, not using the forum.
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