Ever have a insightful dream?
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Posted 2/1/16 , edited 2/2/16
Long ago I was playing a game called, cultures 2: gates of asguard, there was a annoying mission that i could not beet. I quit the game and then about 1 night later i had a dream on a very unique way to beet the mission... In my dream it showed me the game, and colonizing the mountain making my own god damn path to the goal...

I woke up and thought... would that even work? ... it did, i made a path around the outer edge of the map where there was random rocks and nothing else, created a supply line for it so my workers wouldn't die, and eventually around 8 hours later, i made a path to the goal, without triggering the event that kept making me loose.

Has anyone else ever had a dream that gave you a answer to something? Perhaps something that you would of never done or thought of?
Posted 2/1/16 , edited 2/2/16
You may want to look into this. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140721-how-to-learn-while-you-sleep
That happens to me when I hit a wall on a video game. Like Bloodborne or Dark souls. Any game where I can't beat something.
In the case of Bloodborne I spend a entire day trying to beat this asshole of a boss. Then I stop playing the game and when to sleep. Wake up 3 hours later. Beat the boss in a few minutes. I really wish it would apply to math but doesn't with me.
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Posted 2/29/16 , edited 2/29/16
I have had a few, the most recent one was Barney from how HIMYM telling me to move on from this girl who had recently flaked on me and to foccus on my studies. Which I did and got decent marks in said studies! Oh and we were sitting in the cafe from Friends! So quite a sureal dream!
Posted 3/3/16 , edited 3/3/16
Dream enough and something's bound to come true.
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