Voice Actor Matching Chain~
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Posted 2/2/16 , edited 2/2/16
So here's the rule:

One person posts a picture from an anime, and the next person has to post a picture of different characters, with at least one character sharing a voice actor with one of the characters from the previous picture.
(Japanese or English, or another language if you've watched them in that language)

Bonus if you can match 2; Bonus if they share voice actors in multiple languages; etc. Not that anyone's keeping score, this is just for fun.
Upper limit for characters in a picture: only when visibility becomes an issue. Funny pictures appreciated.



(Jun Fukuyama and Noriaki Sugiyama)


(Jun Fukuyama (Yata) and Johnny Yong Bosch (Fushimi))

Anyone interested?
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Posted 11/22/17 , edited 11/22/17
Locked ^,^
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