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2 Year Anime Hiatus - Recommendations !!
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Posted 2/2/16 , edited 2/2/16

Babyqirl-May wrote:

I have been away from anime for about 2 years now..
Now that I've sorted quite alot of things in my life, and started to settle into a new lifestyle, I am feeling great!
I've been enjoying my new job, saving up for my own place, everything is good!
Though I've found myself some more freetime recently, and figured I'd start getting back into anime!
I really am behind on Naruto so I want to catch up on that, but I also want to know what's good after I've been away?
You guys mind filling me in on some good stuff I've missed out on during my hiatus?
I am really into anything besides ecchi stuff..
I love me some comedy, romance, sports, action and everything besides pointless ecchi stuff! :3
I'll be back tommorrow to check on this and hopefully is full alot of recommendations!
I'll be sure to read everyone's comment as I am always keen to discover new things!
Thanks and peace!

For sports, Baby Steps (it's about a budding tennis player), and Haikyu! (high school volleyball).
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Posted 2/2/16

I don't see a suggestion for /chihayafuru (sports), and feel the need to correct this error.
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Posted 2/2/16

Yamstarch wrote:

Mmmmmmm Dat Nagisa

Actually I Am is one of the few shows I like ALL the characters. My favorites are Akari and Akane Komoto.
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Posted 2/2/16
A lot of good possibilities above...These are just some of the titles that stood out for me over the last 2 years.

Charlotte (Scifi/Slice of Life)
Castle Town Dandelion (Family/Comedy)
Woking!/Wagnaria! (the new season is here)(comedy)
Gangsta (action/noir)
M3: The Dark Metal (Mecha/horror)
Engaged to the Identified (comedy/romance)
Buddy Complex (sifi/romance/friendship)
D-Frag (comedy)
Hamatora (detective/action/scifi)
No-Rin (comedy/farming/romance)
Inari Kon Kon (drama/slice of life/romance)
Nobunagun (Scifi/romance/action/war)
In Search of the Lost Future (Romance/Friendship/Scifi/Slice of Life)
A Good Shepperd is Like a Good Librarian (Scifi/Romance/Slice of Life/Friendship)
World Conquest Zvezda Plot (Super-villain/Comedy)
The Pilot's Love Song (War/Romance/Friendship)
Chaika the Coffin Princess (Action/Comedy/ Friendship)
Captain Earth (Slice of Life/Romance/Friendship/Alien Invasion)
Psycho-pass (Scifi/Mystery/Suspense/Action)
Black Bullet (Scifi/War/Family)
Is the Order a Rabbit? (Moe/Family/Friends)
If Her Flag Breaks (Mystery/Romance/Comedy/Action)
Locodol (Idols/Comedy/Friendship)
Selector Infected Wixoss (Card Games/Horror/Scifi/Friendship)
Cinderella Girls (Idols/Friendship/Moe)
The Irregular at Magic High School (Scifi/Slice of Life/War/Romance/Friendship)
Barakamon (Family/Friends/Slice of Life)
Hanayamata (Competition/Dancing/Friendship)
Magimoji Rurumo (Comedy/Magical Girl/Family/Friendship)
Sabagebu (Comedy/Paintball/Spoof)
Terror in Resonance (Suspense/Friendship/Action)
Tokyo Ghoul (Ghoul/Horror/Action)
Tokyo ESP (Superhero/Friendship/War)
Celestial Method (Scifi/Friendship/Slice of Life)
Shirobako (Animation Industry/Slice of Life)
Seiyuu's Life (Animation Industry/Slice of Life)
Yuki Yuna is the Hero (Magical Girls/Scifi/Horror/Friendship/War)

If you can't tell I watch wayyyyyyyy too much anime lol .
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Posted 2/3/16
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Posted 2/3/16
Love Live - idols, cute comedy and light drama
K (not on Crunchy - Hulu and Netflix have it) - bishounen, superpowers, mystery. Movie between two seasons is not available, but season 1 is amazing.
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Posted 12/31/17
Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no new posts since 12/31/2016.
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