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Posted 2/2/16
At 2:30, Seiji is talking about Celty to Mikado. In the subtitles it says "I've watched her since she was a little girl" , but obviously that makes no sense. The japanese line doesn't specify who was a kid, but the scene right after shows Seiji as a kid so obviously it's refering to him
sorry for my bad english and please move if it's in the wrong section
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Posted 2/2/16 , edited 2/2/16
Yup, that definitely looks like a translation mistake. You should fill out a contact form and select "Subtitles" as the topic.

That may or may not get it corrected. I've submitted subtitle corrections at least a couple of times in the past, at least one time it was fixed quickly, but the other one is still wrong. Two isn't really enough to give accurate statistics, but it probably has a reasonable chance of being fixed if you submit that form.
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