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Post Reply Yu-Gi-Oh: What type of Deck do you use?
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32 / M / Whale Island
Posted 2/22/16
Back when i was playing it i was running 2 decks my Lightsworn deck and my Light Gemini deck the latter brought me far more success but the Lightsworn deck was more fun to play. I never had any real life friends who played the card game so i use to play on DN my old account is still active though and I'm currently watching Yu-gi-oh on here I'm on GX series 3 i never finished the first time around and i can see why i want to move on the 5cds already lol.
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27 / M / Houma
Posted 2/22/16
I generally use an old but still effective spellcaster deck... or ye ole trap-only deck for trolling.
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Posted 2/27/16

stark700 wrote:

What kind of Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck do you use?

I haven't played on DN (Duel Network) for awhile but ever since I got into Yugioh again, I've been using Pendulum style especially Qlip. Started using Shaddoll last year as well. I've been testing Infernoid set, Blackwings (yes, they are still popular from what I've seen sometimes), and some of the other new archetypes.

Seeing some of the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes, I've been wanting to try out Raid Raptors and Speedroids.

Never use DN, I always use Devpro and play in real life, here are all the decks I actually have.

1. Masked Hero's
2. Speedroids,
3. Syncrons.
4. Geargera.
5. lightsworns
6. Monarchs.
7. Fluffy's
8. Noble Knights.
9. Magician pendualum
10 Blue eyes deck
11. Dolka Laggia pendualim

Bulding other decks now like desk bots and the powerranger deck forget what their called.
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M / Cali
Posted 8/12/16
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22 / F / North Carolina
Posted 10/24/16
I mostly play on DevPro, so my decks are as follows:
-Plant Synchros (though still kind of incomplete)

As far as my real life decks go:

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23 / M / strangereal
Posted 10/24/16
I have a machina deck, constellar, evilswarm, gem knight, and shooting quasar deck before. Wanted dragunity too but I was more into collecting than playing honestly now I stopped.
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