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Posted 2/3/16 , edited 2/3/16
Written by: FloydYoder

If you are reading this right now there is a large possibility that you do not need an introduction to One Piece. It is easily the most popular manga in the world and for good reason. One Piece has always been great at making wacky humor that is fun for the kids, but also making some surprisingly awesome action scenes for everyone to enjoy. One of the things that puts One Piece at the top however, is its ability to pull some real drama out and get some tears going. The Dressrosa arc delivers on all fronts and it's awesome. One of the best things about One Piece has been how well it uses islands to change the tone and pace of its story. Whether it is the frosty Drum Island, or the ever spooky Thriller Bark, One Piece can always find some crazy island to serve as a set piece. This arc takes place in Dressrosa, the island of love, passion and toys!

The Straw Hats arrive at Dressrosa with an infamous criminal in tow. Their mission? To destroy a factory that is producing a deadly weapon, while also getting something that is very important to Luffy. I'd elaborate but I don't want to spoil anything for curious readers who are intimidated by the show's impressive 700+ episode run (It's ok to be afraid, but it is worth it to face your fears). The Straw Hat pirates can't afford to attract too much attention, so they don disguises. This mission will take stealth and cunning to execute. If you have watched any One Piece at all, your head is probably in your hands right now. Unfortunately for the Straw Hats, their captain Luffy is about as subtle as a screaming chimpanzee banging cymbals.

The Dressrosa arc has been a great ride so far, full of standout side characters and personal revelations. Trafalgar Law finally gets some backstory, and it is great seeing how the enigmatic doctor got to where he is now. One of the best things about Dressrosa is its villain. Don Quixote Doflamingo is flamboyant, despicable, cruel, powerful, and interesting. Most of all Doflamingo is as evil as he is stylin', and have you seen his pink feather coat? That dude has style out the ying-yang. However, it is not all about the villains. I'll just say this: If you are an Usopp fan this has been a very, very good arc.

So yeah, this arc is really good and should not be missed. The stakes are high, the action is really good and the characters are really good. Even minor characters like Doflamingo's lackey Señor Pink get a lot of development and end up being super interesting. One Piece is at the top of the manga world for a reason and the Dressrosa arc is a good example of why.
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Posted 5/29/16 , edited 5/29/16
This arc was amazing, there was so much detail that theres a reason why this arc was the longest one so farr. I did enjoy ussop as he got so much airtime and even got a huge bounty on his hhead that it served as the best comedy relief throughout the whole entire arc. The samurais get time, law gets his own spotlight and lluffy recruits so many new members. i swear oda did this arc perfectly and we were fooled as to think one of the tooys was going to be part of his members but the whole tournament became part of his crewmates
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