Mysteries of the Yōkai: A Tabletop RPG Inspired by Japanese Folklore
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Hi Crunchyroll forum-goers,

I’m a longtime watcher/subscriber of Anime here on Crunchyroll, and I thought you all might be interested in a project I’ve been working on. I’m one of the creators of a new tabletop RPG called Mysteries of the Yōkai. It draws heavy inspiration from the works of studio Ghibli like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, as well supernatural mysteries like Mushi-shi, Muhyo and Roji, and Mononoke. There may be a little Samurai Champloo thrown in (though that’s set in an alternate version of Edo). The game is now running a Kickstarter Campaign here, please check it out.

Mysteries of the Yōkai takes place in a lost era of Japanese history where the barrier between the spirit world and human world has become dangerously thin, leading to an increase in supernatural activity and mystical abilities. Players take the role of wandering supernatural investigators or exorcists, seeking to keep the peace between humans and spirits. The setting is equal parts historical, mythical, and original.

Instead of tracking the "health" of each character, the system tracks who currently has the upper hand in the fight using a value called The Tide of battle. Let the your enemies gain too much advantage, and your morale will take damage. The system is remarkably flexible, we've used it to handle all kinds of conflict in playtesting such as debates, games of go, hostage negotiation, fortress infiltration, sumo wrestling, and plenty of plain-old-physical combat.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask and let me know! I am happy to hear thoughts and answer questions, there are some thing pretty unique to this system.

You can read more about our game on our website.

Download preview books and character sheets Here (there’s enough to run games and make characters here!)

And please share this link to our Kickstarter Campaign if you like the game, all support is needed and appreciated.

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