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Post Reply Is verbal bullying still a form of opinion?
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Posted 2/4/16 , edited 2/4/16
why its a form of opinion for me once you heard it its form of insulting you that make you feel lower down yourself i did experience that kind of bullying but i cannot say if its a bully or something when im still in highschool theres one janitor told me that im ugly in front of me that time i just ignore it or didnt answer it coz i dont have any confidence that time but in what she said to me kinda hurt for me or its like she insulting me i didnt answer too coz even she's janitor i respect her but for me in my mind she's ugly too

1.For me its really wrong bullying is not a fun thing or not a laughing matter people has feelings too hurting people is not a joke sometimes there joke is out of limit yeah you must say that he/she had wrong to his/her physical or he/she didnt do it right dont laugh about it dont make fun of it for you its really enjoy but think about heis/her feelings i hate people who likes bullying other people

2. For me i did experience bullying when im still in highschool they making fun of me but when the years pass by and i became a senior i learn on how to defend myself i defend myself if they making fun of me i answer them or i protecting myself coz no one protecting me i became independent i learn how to become strong and to defend to the people who bullying me that time
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Posted 2/4/16

ignitingmemories wrote:

1. bullying someone to the point of death or crying is wrong but if it's over the internet tbh to me it doesn't matter lol shut off your computer if it's hurting you that bad

bullying to go to limits of not just social sites but phone calls, text messages or even random notes on school lockers & ect. not all electronic bullying can be ignored. but yeah its possible. most sites even have this special block system o: i guess people forget that actually exists!
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