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Post Reply There's A Pervert Impersonating ANN Staff
Posted 2/6/16 , edited 2/16/16
I dislike messages like that. I would probably delete it right away honestly. Since I'm very young looking I tend to get a lot of creepy messages about cosplay I do. I would never send any kind of nude photos of myself. That would be easy blackmail. At that point it would be digging my own grave.
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Posted 2/6/16
Oh man, so you they ask nudes and you start to be suspicious of him/her? It's always good to know the person first.
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Posted 2/16/16
The fake ANN reporter could be someone from 4Chan trying to give ANN a bad name.
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Posted 3/23/16 , edited 3/23/16
So...these girls would get naked for ANN then? o.O

But anyway yeah...people need to teach there kids about these things, its not hard to know if the person is real or not >-> just gotta use that brain!
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