I need advice on anime. (Im kinda new to it)
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Posted 2/5/16
Hi all, I'm fairly new to anime. I recently started watching an anime called Erased that i find really interesting. I remember watching one called Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 that i really enjoyed because it leans towards a real life event. Does anyone know of a series that lean towards the realistic side? Like for example Naruto, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball if i may add to make a little bit more sense, they're more towards the fiction side where they have super powers and such. Im looking for the opposite of that. Sorry i couldn't really put my question into words but i hope somewhat understands what I'm asking. Thank you in advance and i hope to hear from some of you guys.
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Posted 2/5/16 , edited 2/5/16
My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is realistic, depressingly so.
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Posted 2/5/16 , edited 2/6/16
If you're looking for more realistic there are quite a few out there although some may also have combined genre elements.

The Perfect Insider
Say, I love You!
Terror in Resonance
Eden of the East
Speed Grapher
Box of Goblins
Golden Time
My Love Story
Blade and Soul
Rail Wars
Girl's Monthly Nozaki-kun
Tonari No Seki-kun
I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying
Riddle Story of the Devil
Sabagebu/Aoharu x Machinegun (are both about paintgun teams)
No-rin/Silver Spoon (are both abour farm life)
Locodol/Love Live/Sound Euphonium/K-On!/Idolmaster/Cinderella Girls/Seiyuu's Life/Shirobako/Saekano (all are about Idols/voicesr/the anime industry/the videogame industry/etc)
Love Lab/Is the Order a Rabbit?/Non Non Biyori/Encouragement of Climb (are all about Girls being girls in daily life)
One Week Friends

The above are solidly realistic, below are some that although more than realistic are explainable...
Chaos;Head/Stein's;Gate/Robotics;Notes (although these 3 interlocked series are futuristic and contain Time Travel and robotics they are done quite realistically with none of the characters played as superhuman or immortal)

Another (a classic horror ghost story/mystery with curses, characters dying, etc)

Higurashi When They Cry/Umineko When They Cry/Ookami Kakushi (Cults, witchcraft, death, etc)

Ryoko's Case Files (think X-Files)

Angel Beats/Anohaha (deal with the concepts of Heaven, hell, the Afterlife and re-incarnation)

Interlude (although it seems supernatural it isn't. It's a mystery to be solved and a romance)
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Posted 2/5/16
Welcome to the NHK
Kawai Complex
Kids on the Slope
Tamako Market
Silver Spoon
Non Non Biyori
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Posted 2/5/16 , edited 2/5/16
Death Note
Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
Also there's stuff with superpowers that are realistic.
E.g Fullmetal Alchemist.
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Posted 2/6/16
Thanks for the post guys, I'll take a look at some of the ones mentioned. I've heard about full metal, that's like borderline on what I'm looking for but I've heard good things about it so I might watch it later down the road.
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Posted 2/9/16
Realistic setting with powers:
Summer Wars

Real life with no powers:
Love Live
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Posted 2/11/16
Two of my favorite realistic anime not listed yet: Barakamon and Your Lie in April.
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Posted 12/31/17
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