Ash vs Evil Dead
Posted 2/6/16 , edited 2/6/16
Anyone else watching this?

Now the movies came out before the time of most people here but the Evil Dead movies are amazing B movies and Evil Dead 2 (they remade the first evil dead a few years ago) is on my favorites films introduced to me by my brother, my real name was even taken from the main character Ashley J. Williams played by the godly Bruce Campbell.
After years of waiting the show has finally coming out it's everything I wanted it to be and more.
You don't need to see the movies to see the show but I feel it's make its so much better if you do.
It's a great show to watch if you handle huge amounts of blood.
I didn't see a main topic about it so I figured I would start one.
I just recently started watching it because I wanted to wait for the first seaosn to finish waiting weekly would have killed me.
It's as addictive as I thought since I'm marathoning it all day today with some friends.

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Posted 2/6/16
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