Love Live! School Idol Project Dub
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Posted 2/7/16 , edited 2/7/16
What do you think about the dub?

A friend of my invited me and some other friends to his house to see it.
And I don't know what to make of it?
I will always prefer the sub to the dub especially in a series that I love!
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Posted 2/7/16
It's not terrible, thankfully, but it's just not right to me either.
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Posted 2/7/16
It's okay. Give them time to grow into their roles.

Maki, Nozomi, Eli, and Hanayo sounded great, from what we got of them. Umi had a bit of an issue sounding natural, but her voice was good.

Someone was trying a bit too hard. And someone was not trying hard enough. Not gonna name names...

Direction is pretty good. What makes a dub good or bad (in English, Japanese, or any other language) is the direction, and whether or not the director cares. Here it seemed like the director cared enough, so I'm willing to bet that the issues will get worked out over the next few episodes. If I had to give a number, I'd say this episode was about 7/10, with an expectation that it will improve.

I generally prefer to understand the spoken dialogue over reading subtitles - if it's done well, you do get more of the story from things that don't come across in subtitles, just like texts and emails don't carry the same emotions as a spoken conversation. I didn't like watching anime in Japanese at all until I could understand at least about half of it, and I always feel bad for people who read the subtitles and don't understand the spoken parts at all... (the people who assume the Japanese audio is always better tend to fall into that category ^_^;)

A bit disappointed that none of the voices are people who were in any of my other favorite shows, but that's okay. (Except if Kotori's mom is who I think it is... she was in my favorite show).
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Posted 12/31/17
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