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Posted 2/8/16
I was thinking of going Premium plus because of the free shipping then I noticed it was US only ( I'm Canadian )
So as a Canadian can anyone tell me if it is worth while for the other stuff cause the main thing I did want was free shipping as the shipping to Canada is cray cray.

"Discounts in the Crunchyroll Store
+ Free Shipping on All Eligible Products (US only) "

What I really wanted :(

"VIP Convention Perks like special goodie bags, exclusive events, and front-of-line privilege for Crunchyroll events "

I don't go to conventions so this seems highly pointless for me. I mean I want to go to some but usually never end up going but wouldn't go to any unless in Toronto or Ottawa Area.

"Entry into Exclusive Contests"

Depending on what these Contests consist of may be pointless.

"Exclusive Premium+ Virtual Badge"

I guess this is cool you seem all special but is it really worth the extra money?

"Early Access to Beta Test New Features"

I do think when it comes to beta testing everyone should be involved to get the most accurate readings.

As the answers I put to those statements may sound like I already answered my question if it was worth it or not I am looking for people opinions specially those that have the plus membership if you have gotten anything out of it specially for us Canadians.

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Posted 2/8/16 , edited 2/8/16
If you don't do cons, and you don't get the free shipping it probably isn't worth it.

I've also never heard of any beta stuff happening. I don't know for sure but that may be a feature that hasn't gotten a great deal of traction yet. I also don't know much about contests, but I thought that kind of died off a while ago.
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Posted 2/8/16
There have been a couple of those win a trip to Japan contests (though the latest one was for new sign-ups only) and I know of at least one beta thing with early access to the current version of the simulcast calendar.
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