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Post Reply A manga that made you go "wtf did I just read?"
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23 / F / Under Your Bed
Posted 9/4/17 , edited 9/4/17
Right now I'm reading Onani Master Kurosawa, I know there are stranger manga and I have read stranger too, but this manga is still making me go wtf occasionally.
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Posted 9/4/17 , edited 9/5/17
GhostTalkers Daydream Basically the man character is a type of necromancer by night employed an agency, and a Dominatrix/ Writer for a sex magazine by day... Gets pretty dark and serious pretty quickly but the 'day time' job keeps a bit of humour and lightness to the whole thing, also her handler has an obvious obsession with her that constantly conflicts with his professionalism ( plus he is secretly a bad @ss)
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20 / M
Posted 9/25/17 , edited 9/25/17
Does anyone know what manga this panel is from?
Cause I got a huge "WTF" feeling from it and I kind of want to know the context of it.
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27 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 1/24/18 , edited 1/24/18
A few actually

Gringo 2061


Franken Fran

God's Child

School Ningyo

That one manga with people's heads turning into animals or something along those lines.


Mahou Shoujo of the End

There are more but I don't feel like naming them all.
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Posted 2/5/18 , edited 2/6/18
the manga called 'My Balls' is very weird, though the plot is actually amazing and I love how it keeps its dick jokes but also have a nice love story.
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Posted 2/6/18 , edited 2/7/18
Gyo. I mean... there's a shark that farts to eat people.
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Posted 2/7/18 , edited 2/8/18
Qualia the Purple. Its..... supernatural time travel quantum physics?
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33 / M / Alaska
Posted 2/8/18 , edited 2/8/18
Inuyashiki. An old dude with a less than happy life suddenly transforms into a cyborg and becomes a hero. Meanwhile a teenager also suffers from the same fate but is more of a sociopath and uses his powers for his own gain.

From the art style to the main character (an old man) and the plot of the story, everything about this series just threw me aback. I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from the creator of Gantz.

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25 / M
Posted 2/24/18 , edited 2/24/18
My Balls - Main dude is out one night and accidentally gets the queen of hell sealed in his testicles. Now the other demons of hell must free her by getting him to release the contents of his testicles while before the month is up. It's not a hentai despite everything I've put here. I wouldn't be surprised if Seven Seas ended up getting this one.

Deadman Wonderland - Main dude Ganta, is in class when everyone gets slaughtered by someone later known as the "Red Man" and he ends up framed. Goes to the titular prison with other criminals and ends up fighting for his life. I only put this here because it ends up going off the rails later.

Girl May Kill - Guy returns to hometown which is now in the grips of some criminal organizations that also use small children for murders. Read this on Crunchyroll and.... it just gets weirder, darker, and somewhat confusing later on.

Don't Meddle with my Daughter - Female Superhero Eighth Wonder fights the re-emerging criminal organization known as Blowjob whose primary tactic is to sexually harass her. Her mother/the main character the previous Eighth Wonder suits up again in secret to protect her daughter. Also, Goddesses, Psychic Powers, and a hero organization named N.U.D.E.
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27 / M
Posted 2/25/18 , edited 2/25/18
As some have posted "My Balls", I do remember seeing someone on Twitter reading it, and looking at it myself, I thought "What the hell is this?" It was an interestingly, weird series
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Beneath the stars.
Posted 3/15/18 , edited 3/16/18
Ultra Heaven
Nijigahara Holograph
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Posted 3/17/18 , edited 3/17/18
Usagi Drop it started off good then switched genres halfway
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Lights & Sounds
Posted 3/18/18 , edited 3/18/18
I feel this way during the last volume of Wolfguy like issues upon issues of rape, followed by a ending that set the manga up for a entire new arc but it didn't go anywhere and a ending that I'm still not even sure wtf happened.
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Posted 3/19/18 , edited 3/19/18

music of marie. a fairly short manga.

Oh! I actually love Music of Marie, I felt like no one else had ever heard of it! It's definitely strange, but not in a fucked up kind of way. It's literary sci-fi, and... Actually, it's one of the things that convinced me to start learning Japanese, since the fan-sub I was reading discontinued, and I needed to know what happened.

Midori Days definitely has a wtf premise (guy's hand becomes possessed by a girl who's secretly madly in love with him)... But I ended up enjoying the hell out of it, once I gave it a chance.

Oh, and Suicide Circle is pretty bizarre, in a good way.
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