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Post Reply So, this happened at work today.
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Posted 2/12/16

KennyNitro wrote:

A customer comes in and starts asking about a PS4; specifically the Star Wars: Battlefront edition one. (I'm going to paraphrase the shit outta this.)

Me: "We sold out of those a few days ago, but you could probably order one from our online store."

Customer: "Well I already bought that new Naruto game, and I really don't want to have to wait."

Me: "Well I could call the store in Corinth (a city literally 20 minutes from my store) and ask if they have any in stock."

Customer: "See, I don't know if my car will make it that far."

Priorities. This guy has 'em.

I would have ended it by asking what his power up rewards card number was (and if he had one.) told him it's a promotional item so he can't order it from the store website (even if it's for in store pick up all lies.), and that if he wants I can send him a text when the store restockes.
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