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Posted 2/10/16 , edited 2/11/16
I think the manga section of the site could be greatly improved if it had features similar to the anime section:

- Queue: A list of manga we want to read or are reading, complete with progress bars for the current chapter as well as a quick "continue reading"-type button so we don't have to keep track of the chapter we're on ourselves.

- (Chapter) comments: The comments section under each anime episode really sets CR apart from the competition (I'm thinking Funimation and Hulu) in my opinion. It's entertaining to read what others had to say about the episode, if they were surprised about the same things, etc. It fosters an enjoyable and positive community that can't be found on MAL (which is decidedly more negative most of the time). Having a comments section for each manga chapter would likewise bring a sense of community to manga readers.

Depending on how these two features are implemented currently for anime, I imagine they should be low-hanging fruit for manga.
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