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V-Day Group Event: Link 1

Link 2

Hi there USA, Dunemachine here with a time sensitive poll!

With the V-Day Marathon coming up, I'd like to establish a start time. The event will consist of a synced viewing of the first season of the anime title chosen by you all, which will take approximately 6 hours.

Please consider the following:

-Despite the fact that you may miss the beginning or end of the series, if you have seen the show and/or prefer a section of episodes, please vote so that your viewing time corresponds with that. (or just wait to jump in according to the schedule)

-Feel free to let us know in the comments below what time you are out of school, work, etc., so that members with no preference can vote accordingly!

-No OP will be skipped, and scheduled episode starts will be set every 30 minutes. So don't worry about buffering or being out of sync with all of us, you can catch up during the approximate 6 minute intermission. The schedule will be posted on February 13th.

This event is a trial run intended to gather data which could increase our capacity for long-distance group activities.
Our superheroes are working around the clock to ensure a fun and relaxing event for anyone and everyone in USA~.
The rigidity of start times and frequency of breaks will ensure that everyone can sync back up within one episode, use the restroom, and enjoy social chat about each episode.

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