School related stories--What things to focus on?
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Posted 2/11/16 , edited 2/11/16
I pretty much came in here as I wanted to make an OC story that revolts around school life. Probably high school only.

I am trying to figure out, if the school should only have 3 year classes or possibly have also previous three years. And the size of a classroom is a matter that I haven't been able to decide ... : (

I am wondering, if there are some things that I need to take into account when dwelling into high school life. But the focus is less on studies and the structure of the school. The primary plot goes around with a club that revolts in the supernatural and incidents revolting around these. Also the school is big enough to conceal this.

The supernatural part is more of a psychological thriller than having super powers. All the students are regular humans.

I think the main character is around 14 - 16 years old. Maybe falling towards the 15 - 16 end.
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Posted 2/12/16 , edited 2/12/16
How much you want to do with the non-club part of the school is really up to you. If you want, you could have the story only exist after school hours.

I think the questions of how many years and size of classes are mainly setting questions, but unless you have any ideas for how to deal with that, anything should work fine. I don't think that is the type of thing you should get hung up on
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Posted 12/24/17 , edited 12/24/17
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