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Why do you think there's a rise in narcissism?
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Posted 2/15/16
Mostly because such people while growing up were never told 'no', 'don't do that' or 'that's incorrect', and that they're such 'perfect little flowers'. Like they were afraid of 'harming' their egos. Such people that come to mind are Amy Bouzaglo and Derek Savage.
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Posted 2/16/16
Selfie Sticks.
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Posted 2/16/16
Every generation always thinks the next generation is a bunch of shitheads because they're too this or not enough of that. Usually while failing to note that they're that generation's parents.

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Posted 3/23/16
Well, I came to contribute, being a narcissist myself...but Number 3 sums it up perfectly!!
Posted 3/24/16 , edited 3/24/16
Case of the pot calling the kettle black, like a sanctimonious rooster pecking a peacock. Also (to XxDarkSasuxX, see Dunning-Kruger Effect. Those that understand DK see the double blind when it really becomes less of an insult due to percieving onesself as being superior and more of an insight on the challenges of clinical psychology, as it were.)

There is a rise in "narcissism" (capitalism) , because there is a rise in some repressed socialist-leaning pseudo-intellectualism seeking to exert control on people's minds. The problem with that is that nobody cares for your meddling agenda or for whom or what its really about.

Posted 3/24/16

Charizam wrote:

PrinceJudar wrote:

1. The increased size of the immediate social surroundings has facilitated a greater need to stand out.
Technology has interconnected our world to a much larger degree. I think it is not beyond reason to propose that this may have produced a disproportionate reaction to a subtle but encompassing feeling of being forgotten about or a losing sense individualism.

Well we're (western cultures) in an incredibly individualistic society, so naturally you will see people reflect that attitude and try to stand out among the crowd. That's also not particularly narcissistic to want to stand out, it's pretty common during puberty for kids to try to stand out in an attempt to form an identity. It has to be more extreme than just 'standing out.'

2. The predominance of low self-esteem in younger years has overly bred narcissism as a reaction.
That narcissism may be a reaction and adaption to once held beliefs. Healing from such low self-esteemed mindsets often involves inflating one’s sense of self-worth back to acceptable and healthy ranges, but perhaps this may result in over-inflation.

I'd say it's possible. There is also the movement constantly telling impressionable people 'you're perfect in every way', so it may draw from that.

3. Narcissism is a product of reduced empathy.
Now, narcissism is usually marked by a lack of empathy towards others, but perhaps it is created by that marked absence. It is highly notable that humans are cooperative and incredibly sociable in behavior—often these traits are bred from play in the early ages. So the reduction of playtime in the critical early ages has possibly reduced human empathy and increased narcissism as a byproduct.

I don't think that less playtime is a likely cause. What impacts development the most is family bonding and modeling parents' behavior. It's not just play we learn our behaviors from, it's mostly modeling and watching. It would make more sense if a possible cause of it could be less exposure to parents and their reactions to something requiring empathy, or the parents were narcissistic themselves and the child picked up the behavior through watching them. Thing is with people who live with narcissism or the other cluster B personality disorders is that they have brain abnormalities. It can't be said though if these are brain abnormalities that developed over time, or were always present within the child. We do know that it is very common for the behavior to display early in life. There are some studies currently being done though that are taking images of young children's brains to determine whether they are 'wired' like a psychopath or not. Also some studies will cite violent trauma as a possible cause for it, but correlation doesn't imply causation and yada yada. So basically, it may not be socializing or lack of causing the disorder, but maybe they were just born like that.

4. Narcissism is assisted by the increase of individually created echo chambers.
In this age of information, it may come as no surprise that a person is able to readily seek out answers. However, information is only provided by inquiry. Therefore, it is up to individuals to responsibly seek answers. When I say responsibly, I mean to say, not just the inquiring for the answers one would prefer. With mute buttons, content, and searches easily catered to one’s own preconceptions and ideas…well, perhaps we may have a developing issue of self-induced ignorance and superiority upon consistent reconfirmation.

That isn't really narcissistic behavior. People naturally seek out like minded people/thoughts due to liking familiarity/similarity. It's why your friend circle is a lot like you. (not that people don't have friends different from them, but for the most part friends are similar to each other in some way.) Now if they demanded that everything be their way or the high way then it could be read as possibly narcissistic.

5. Narcissism is being fueled by a waning collectivism.
There’s a body of evidence suggesting that the more economic prosperity enjoyed, the more people shift towards individualism.

But individualism is not narcissism. The west has also almost never been a collectivist society. Individualism has been the more dominant mindset.

6. Narcissism is a result of online posturing.
Social media has really taken off, and with it so too has grandiose displays. Without physical interaction in such environments, some of our restrained behaviors like brutishness, grandeur, and impulsivity rise up from our depths. Often what we project, even if online, is often what we become or begin to incorporate in our real image. This should really come as no surprise considering some of the methods we use to counteract self-image issues. Projection often results in a person reprogramming themselves to that image, with or without knowledge of doing so.

I mean, I'm sure that is true for some people, but I have never acted like I do online in person. I would never talk openly about my LGBT status in person and so on. I think it's more likely that the lack of empathy stems from them staring at a screen rather than a real person. As far as these kids are concerned, they're abusing a computer program and not an actual person. It's why people act worse online than they do in person. Here, social stigma is easy to get away from, but in person not so much.

But just like you stated a bunch of possible causes, there are a bunch of actual causes creating this rise. Every mental illness is on the rise and there are a number of causes for them. I lean towards a lot of personality disorders being biologically preset due to possibly changing diets of the populace, possible trauma during gestation, possible results from pollution etc. and some social influence thrown in there. All I know for sure is that I picked the right time to go to university for counseling. Also, I wouldn't say people are that obsessed with defining themselves above everyone else, but there are quite a few, sure, but not in general there isn't.

Sounds like someone who knows what they are talking about._

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Posted 3/24/16
Overall, looking at this "discussion" leads me to believe that "narcissism" probably isn't on the rise it's just that almost no one knows what it means anymore, if they ever did.
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Posted 3/24/16
could be number 3 but then again i have low empathy and i'm not a narcissist.
Posted 3/24/16
I feel like most people who act narcissistic are just using a facade
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26 / M / Canada
Posted 3/28/16

There is a rise in access and ease of communication.

Its just easier to notice how many people have certain traits.

And it makes it easier for people to identify with each other.

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Posted 11/26/17
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