Post Reply Here's a free idea its up for grabs if anyone wants to steal it go ahead I just want it to happen fast!
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Posted 2/14/16 , edited 2/14/16
So as anyone whose played Pokemon before knows that throughout the series you get this tool called the VS. Recorder sure watching replays of old battles is great but ppl want other ppl to watch our replays how many times am I gonna watch an old replay each time I save one? Probably once.

So here's my idea and I don't care about taking credit for it you don't have to pay me anything all I want is to see it happen. The idea is a Pokemon saved replays to Youtube app. The first way it works is: if its a pc app then u take out ur microsdcard put it in your computer the app has to know what type of file the saved replays are in or if its a code based file like Super Smash bros. It detects it converts it gives you the option to upload to Youtube after the conversion is complete.

Now if its an android app it will have to receive the saved replay through the microsdcard management in system settings wirelessly if you have other ideas for how this app idea could receive saved replays from Pokemon X & Y and ORAS please lemme know? Allso please lemme know if you would be interested in making the app a reality?
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